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Jennifer Pittam


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I cannot remember a time before I loved books. In fact, I cannot remember a time before I could read. Fascinated by history, places and people, I created stories from earliest childhood. As an adult, I worked as a personal assistant in a major publishers, a welfare officer in a large ambulance station and a clerk of the court in London's historic city. I love to travel and am fascinated by genealogy, folklore and all things weird.  I like to sketch, paint, run wild along the River Thames with my camera. Not averse to a glass of gin and a good laugh.

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"We are the movers and shakers
We are the dreamers of dreams..."

Arthur O'Shaughnessy, 1841-1881

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I Remember Very Well

November 2020

My prize-winning short story 'I Remember Very Well' is set in WWII and published as part of the anthology 'Wartime Christmas Tales'

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